MASTERCLASS: Presented by Kelly Coulter - Organic marketing and Business Bootstrapping Expert

BUSINESS BUILDING MASTERCLASS for fitness and Wellness Pros...

Get the servant-leader roadmap to changing more lives while building a $50K - $100K business, even working part-time!

Originally recorded live in November 2022

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Tired of working 80 hour weeks? Or

switching between your full-time job and your passion for improving clients' health?

Imagine making $50K - $100K changing more lives, while working less than you do now!

3 ways This Masterclass Will Change your life forever:

Life changer #1

The ONLY THING fitness and wellness pros MUST do in order to help more clients AND reduce work hours by 75%

Life Changer #2

Learn this unique approach that will have your audience BEGGING TO work with you.

Life Changer #3

The #1 servant leader sales secret that will make you FALL IN LOVE with selling your life-changing program.

Kelly Coulter

Business Coach, Organic Marketing and Business Bootstrapping Expert

About your host:

Hi, I'm Kelly.

I grew two businesses to multi-six figures ... and then the pandemic hit...

That's when I became absolutely obsessed with helping pros like you find ways to serve more clients in less time (cuz hello scalability) AND make more money while helping people (cuz hello profitability). 

I've helped hundreds of fitness and wellness entrepreneurs create their own high impact programs! If you are ready to work with only the clients you love, and get paid a lot to change their lives, join me for my live challenge. You'll walk away with your own SERVANT LEADER COACHING plan, offer and launch strategy!


The Serve, Lead, Sell Challenge is a combination of easy-to-consume trainings, group interactions, and 1:1 support that will simply and quickly transform the business side of your business - so you can get back to focusing on improving your clients' health.

It was recorded in real time over 3 days, November 14 - 16, 2022. Access the recordings + get a 1:1 coaching session to ensure you are planning the best next steps.

  • Watch the lessons and implementation sessions.

  • Follow along, take notes, and complete the assignments in your workbook.

  • Interact with me, my team, and fellow challengers via the private pop-up Facebook group.

And the best part...

  • Schedule your 1:1 custom Next-Steps meeting.

    Me and my team are going to hold you accountable to doing the lessons, and assign the exact right next steps for you and your business.

Live lessons include:

#1 - PERFECT PROGRAMS (Create the Program Your Perfect Future Buyers Can’t Resist)

Build the exact program that aligns with your highest self, gets your perfect client committed to getting results, pays you appropriately, and makes a real impact in your clients’ lives EVEN IF you don't currently have a large audience.


Grow your ready-to-buy community by replacing all those tricks and tactics the gurus taught you with the SUSTAINABLE and proven social media growth strategy I teach my paid clients. Grow your audience easily without paid ads, crazy social media antics, or endless 'nurturing'. And the best part? You will spend less time than you ever thought possible while getting better results.


Create genuine relationships that result in sales without being sleezy or sales-y, and fill your program with paying clients WHILE keeping your integrity. No more feeling like a pest to family and friends. You are about to learn my feel-good sales method that works with your natural instincts as a servant leader.

Disclaimer - This event will give you actionable steps to growing your coaching business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a FOLLOW UP program will be offered for purchase.


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