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Quickly plot the

👉 sales events,

👉 marketing topics, and

👉 social media posts

for your entire year in advance to make execution easier and simpler.

Allow me to walk you through - step-by-step - how you create the calendar that will become your crystal ball. Together we will chart your strategic success plan for 2023.

How This Session Will Guarantee your Success in 2023:


My essential rule for social media that will have clients begging to work with you without spending your life posting.


How to use your calendar as your 🔮 crystal ball - forecasting your over-the-top success by transforming plans into results


Steal my strategic planning checklist to guarantee the right mix of tasks to keep your business profitable and growing.


Path to Profits is a live-taught training + strategy session where we will simply and quickly plan your social media, sales and operational action items for 2023 - so you can get back to focusing on improving your clients' health.

We JUST finished this amazing event. Here's the details on what you'll see in the replay:

  • Join me for the live lesson to learn the strategy you need AND make your plans DURING our time together (recording will be sent to you if you can't be there live).

  • Follow along, take notes, and complete the assignments.

  • Interact with me, my team, and fellow business builders.

Kelly Coulter

Business Coach, Organic Marketing and Business Bootstrapping Expert

About your host:

Hi, I'm Kelly.

I grew two businesses to multi-six figures ... and then the pandemic hit...

That's when I became absolutely obsessed with helping pros like you find ways to serve more clients in less time (cuz hello scalability) AND make more money while helping people (cuz hello profitability). 

I've helped hundreds of fitness and wellness entrepreneurs create their own high impact programs! If you are ready to work with only the clients you love, and get paid appropriately to change their lives, then join me for this free training. You'll walk away with your own 2023 Strategic Plan to guarantee maximum results from every minute of work.

Disclaimer - This event will give you actionable steps to growing your coaching business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a FOLLOW UP program will be offered for purchase.


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